1207 Central Pkwy Pool Doctors Service Team
Our retail sales floor Our concrete sales counter by ACD
Big Green Egg-sessories! ACD's custom Big Green Egg table!


Pool Doctors celebrates our newest location in Decatur, Alabama.  Our most recent move allowed us to double our retail floor space, as well as increase our work space, warehouse and storage by 8000 square feet.

That increase of space has allowed us to pursue new ventures, including design and fabrication of our new line of custom Big Green Egg tables, concrete counters, sinks and tabletops with our new division, Artistic Concrete Design. 

With over 125 years of combined experience, this family owned and operated business has diligently maintained an exceptional level of commitment to the customer through continuing education, product knowledge and ethical business practices.



In 1984, Earl C. Reed decided it was time to put his decades of experience to use in a new venture.  His family’s new home was Decatur, Alabama and his focus was the great times they’d had together around their own family swimming pool.

R & S Pools was born.  The “little blue building with the slide on top” was the first location.  With just under 600 square feet of retail space and little more storage, Earl, Shirley, Doug and Steve worked long, hard hours, learned from their successes as well as their challenges and never lost site of their original focus.

We make backyards fun.  The Pool Doctors team will provide one-stop convenience for your water chemistry needs, your service and maintenance needs and the fun accessories that tie it all together. 

The name and our location have changed, our team has grown, and yet the focus remains the same.  Earl is no longer with us, but he would be proud.